About Maureen

Maureen Reid-Cunningham, LICSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Cambridge, Massachusettes.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology from Antioch College, a Master of Science in Education from Wheelock College and a Masters in Social Work at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work.  Maureen is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an LICSW, the highest level in the state.

Maureen has more than 40 years of experience working in schools, hospitals, and community mental health settings.  In private practice for 25 years, she has offered psychotherapy, advocacy and coaching services to individuals and families coping with a wide variety of challenges.

People in crisis find that Maureen's calm demeanor, clear communication style and practical approach decreases their anxiety and helps them to feel that they have some control over what is happening.

Clients living with chronic illness find that her knowledge of medical issues, resources and comfort in medical settings helps them to become more active members of their health care team.

Clients who are ready to make healthy changes in their lives seek her out for inspiration and her positive, practical approach to making and sustaining healthy habits for a lifetime.



Big Dreams, Small Steps:

Big Dreams, Small Steps is a program Maureen has developed over the course of her career.  Drawing on clinical experience, Relational/Cultural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and Motivational Interviewing, the program provides ongoing opportunities for clients to succeed on Small Steps building confidence, self-esteem and the expectation that they will continue to succeed.  Success with each Small Step brings clients closer to achieving their Big Dreams.

Big Dreams, Small Steps involves positive change and adding healthy behaviors, rather than trying to eliminate behaviors viewed as “bad.”  As each healthy habit is added, the client's ability to make healthy decisions improves along with their quality of life.