Health and Wellness

Maureen's compassion has been exceptionally effective in helping some of my most fearful dental patients.  She has gone out of her way to stay with her clients during their dental visits to reassure and comfort them.  I am grateful to know and work with Maureen.  Her caring and professionalism are outstanding.

-Eric Klein, DMD, PC, Cambridge Smiles

My focus is working with people on their health related issues.  Most of my clients are in one of the categories described below.  If you need help with Health and Wellness issues but don't see yourself in one of the of the categories, please feel free to get in touch so we can talk about whether your needs and my skills are a match.  Ask about a free 30 minute consultation!

Healthy Habits:

You know that you need to make changes to improve your health but you haven't succeeded on your own or with other programs.  I want to help you create and sustain healthy habits like improved nutrition, regular exercise, a more positive self-image and the confidence that comes from repeated success with Small Steps.  You could be living a healthier life.  Get in touch with me today and we'll get started!  

Crisis Intervention and Medical Advocacy:

When you or a loved one has a medical crisis I can provide a range of services to support you as you navigate through a frightening, overwhelming time.  With my years of experience working in health care, education and social service settings, I communicate effectively with clients, families and service providers.  I am a strong advocate for my clients when they are too ill or overwhelmed to speak up for themselves.  I am comfortable with hospitals and other health care settings.  I translate medical jargon into language that you understand.  Perhaps most importantly, I provide emotional support to clients and families so they don't feel that they are alone during some of the most difficult days of their lives.  Please call me if you or someone you know has urgent medical issues. 

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD):

Researchers have found that individuals with I/DD frequently receive substandard medical care.  Health care providers rarely have any training in caring for patients with I/DD.  They have concerns about how to communicate with or "manage" patients with I/DD and sometimes question whether an individual is capable of understanding a procedure enough to sign a consent form.  Vital diagnostic tests like mammograms, pap tests and colonoscopies not be ordered.  This  decreases the chance of early diagnosis and treatment for several cancers.  I have developed a program to educate people with I/DD about their medical or dental procedures through a series of visits to their health care facility.  When clients have an opportunity to become comfortable at the location, meet a staff member, see the equipment and understand what will happen there, they are able to complete procedures and feel proud of themselves!  Contact me today if you or a loved one has an I/DD and would benefit from this unique kind of support.

It has been successful with mammograms, colonoscopies, dental work and surgical procedures.